Standing Rib Roast



This is one of my favorite meals to cook. I started off with an 11 lb standing rib roast.   Whole Foods, in case you are interested.   I usually request that the ribs be cut away, but not off.  This allows me to season in between the ribs and the roast before I tie it up.   I cut off most of the hard fat and then seasoned the roast liberally with Snider's Beef Rib and Roast seasoning.  

I start with the egg at about 500-550 and then close it off to about 325 - 350 at the grate. About 20 degrees hotter on the dome.  I had intended to put a few wood chunks on, but didn't realize that I had omitted that step until I was already up and cooking. My whole back yard smelled like roast beef for hours - awesome!

Very consistent throughout. Super tender and super delicious.




I cooked the with placesetter legs up.  This allows me to place a pan beneath the roast to catch the drippings which I use to make gravy.


She ain't too pretty going on the grill.


Started the Egg at about 500 - 550 degrees to get an initial sear.  Then, scale it back to about 350 for roasting.


Note there are two probes: 1 for the meat, and 1 for the grate temperature.


I took a peek about 60 minutes into the cook.  They say, if you're looking, you aint' cooking.

And, to a certain extent, they are right.  The greatness of the BGE is the radiant heat from top and bottom. 

But, a quick peek to check is OK.  It takes all of 60 - 90 seconds for the Egg to recover the heat. 

The finished product.  Ribs have already been cut off.  Nothing left but big beautiful roast beef. 

She cooked for just under 3 hours - a little quicker than expected.  This has happened most times I do a rib roast.  I pulled her at 120 internal temperature

As it was a little early, so I did an FTC.  Heavy duty aluminum foil (f), wrap in a towel (T) and then stick in a cooler (C) for an hour or so. 

Spot the Yorkshire puddings in the background? 

Yee haw.  The FTC allowed the roast to cook a wee bit more.  Up to a beautiful medium rare which is ideal for most people's preferences.

Note how consistent the roast is.  A function of how the BGE cooks.   


"And Dad himself got to carve the roast beast." 


The meal was paired with a 2007 Kenzo AI and a 2000 Chateaux Quinalt from St. Emilion.  Both were fantastic!