Pork Tenderloin with Apple and Cinnamon



I got the idea for this recipe reading the Big Green Egg Forum.  The forum is a remarkable circus of a resource for BGE owners.  Advice, recipes, suggestions and more quirky humor than you can imagine. 


Purchased a regular pork tenderloin, which means that it was actually two loins. 



I split each loin a bit allowing it to lay a little more flat to accommodate the sliced apple.  Granny Smith.   After laying out the apple, sprinkle ground cinnamon on both sides.



Tie the two loins together.  Nice and tight.  Then, sprinkle with your favorite dry rub.  For this cook, I used Oakridge Beef and Pork run.  Look for a rub that has brown sugar in it.
On the Big Green Egg.  Dome temperature is about 350, which means that actual grill temperature is about 320 – 330. 
Half way through the cook, turn the loin over.  This was at about 15 minutes.  Although not shown, I do use a temperature probe.  Internal temperature was about 110.   
The finished product. 

Total cook time was about 40 minutes.  I cooked to about 150 internal temperature. 
Absolutely perfect!  Just a small hint of pink in the meat.  The flavor was excellent.  The combination of cinnamon and dry rub worked really well together. 


This turned out really well.  The cinnamon flavor added a really nice pop to the meat.  And, of course, the BGE resulted in wonderfully tender, juicy meat. 


Next time: here’s what I want to do.  Chop up the apple rather than slice.  Reduce the cinnamon a bit.  Add some breadcrumbs, some pineapple, perhaps chopped pecans or almonds.